18-24 March 2019

Shakespeare week is a national event, coordinated by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. Over 7,000 schools and organisations will be taking part in 2019. There are nationwide events and downloadable resources on their website. To get involved, sign up on their website by clicking here:


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Shakespeare for School

A first introduction to Shakespeare and his works


Here are the best of the rest Shakespeare-related resources on the web.

 If we've missed anything you feel should be here, please let us know.

No Fear Shakespeare is a part of the sparknotes website, a well-known and hugely popular resource. No Fear Shakespeare has modern English translations side-by-side the Shakespeare text. Terrific for children.

This BBC schools website page ties in with primary history curriculum, explaining why Shakespeare is famous and looking at his life and works.

This site is a real homework helper for all subjects, including Shakespesare. And check out their 11 best ways to introduce Shakespeare, by clicking here.


Musical performances, specifically for children, plus packs to put on your own plays. They also run educational workshops.

Situated in Washington DC, the library is home to the largest collection of Shakespeare materials. Its website has interesting resources for children.


Shakespeare plays are performed regularly in these theatres around the country.

Photo the Globe, London


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